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Whether a client is young or old, single or member of a family or a sole proprietor or business partner, risk remains a part of every day life. My commitment is to provide my clients a solutions based approach to their risk management concerns.

Life Insurance:

Protecting those you love or those you have partnered in business with against a pre-mature death is an unfortunate reality. Whether it’s enabling your family to continue life in their home and or funding college for your children is a plan established beforehand. Ensuring a business partnership has a continuation plan is a part of every business plan.

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Term Insurance
Guaranteed Universal Life/Indexed Universal Life
Survivor Universal Life
Key Person Insurance/funding Buy/Sell Agreements
Limited Pay Life

Disability Insurance:

Most of us have been asked the timeless question “ What is your most valuable financial asset? “. Our ability to earn a living over a 40 year career usually comes to mind. ( $100,000 X 40 = $4 million ) Statistically illness is the chief culprit ( cancer,
heart disease and chronic respiratory disease ) that will derail our ability to earn a living. We’ll often insure an appliance before protecting our income!

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Individual Disability Income Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Did you know that 70% of us will require some form of long term care after the age of 65. Many of us have worked very hard towards our retirement years, expecting our assets to provide a comfortable income. How will an extended illness impact our assets and more importantly our spouse or adult children who are often our first line of care? What does your plan look like?
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Traditional Long Term Care Insurance
Life Insurance with Long Term Care/Critical Illness Riders

Insurance for Business Owners

Whether you are a small family business with a few employees or a growing business with multiple locations the ability to attract and retain employees is critical to being profitable. Employee benefits are a key piece in every business plan. Group
and Voluntary benefits can provide solutions without health questions, affordable premiums and tax advantages.

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Individual Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance
Faith based Medical expense sharing solutions
Group Disability( Short Term & Long Term ) and Life Insurance
Voluntary Insurance: Cancer, Critical Illness, Accident, Dental and Vision

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is life insurance important, and how can it benefit individuals and their families?

Life insurance provides financial security by ensuring that loved ones are taken care of in the event of the policyholder’s death. It can cover funeral expenses, replace lost income, and settle outstanding debts, offering peace of mind to the policyholder and their family.

How does disability insurance differ from other types of coverage, and what role does it play in financial planning?

Disability insurance protects individuals by providing income replacement if they become unable to work due to a disability. It differs from life insurance as it focuses on protecting against the financial impact of a disability rather than death. Including disability insurance in financial planning helps maintain financial stability during unexpected health challenges.

What are the key benefits of long-term care insurance, and who should consider incorporating it into their overall insurance strategy?

Long-term care insurance covers the costs associated with extended healthcare needs, such as nursing home care or in-home assistance. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to protect their assets and maintain control over their healthcare choices as they age. Planning for long-term care ensures financial security during retirement.

How does insurance for business owners differ from personal insurance, and what specific risks does it address for entrepreneurs?

Insurance for business owners is designed to address the unique risks associated with running a business. It includes coverage for property, liability, and business interruption. Additionally, it can offer protection against legal claims and employee-related risks. Business owners should tailor their insurance plans to safeguard their assets and ensure continuity in the face of unexpected events.

What considerations should individuals keep in mind when selecting an individual health insurance plan, and how does it contribute to overall well-being?

Selecting individual health insurance involves considering factors such as coverage options, premiums, deductibles, and network providers. A well-chosen health insurance plan not only provides financial protection against medical expenses but also promotes overall well-being by ensuring access to quality healthcare services. It’s a crucial component of personal risk management and health maintenance.

Why should individuals consider a comprehensive insurance portfolio that includes life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, insurance for business owners, and individual health insurance?

A comprehensive insurance portfolio is like a financial safety net, addressing various aspects of life’s uncertainties. Life insurance ensures financial security for loved ones, disability insurance safeguards against income loss due to disability, and long-term care insurance protects assets during extended healthcare needs. Insurance for business owners secures the continuity of businesses, and individual health insurance promotes overall well-being. By combining these coverages, individuals can achieve a holistic approach to risk management, providing both financial protection and peace of mind across different aspects of their lives.

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